5 Marketing Tips for Garden Centres: How to Attract More Customers

Garden centres are unique businesses with very specific needs. They have a limited time window in which to attract customers and sell their goods, and they aren’t able to rely on repeat business the way other businesses might be able to. As such, marketing your garden centre is especially important. There are so many things that go into marketing a business, but one of the most effective is creating a brand that stands out from your competitors. In this blog post we will be covering ways you can attract more customers to your garden centre and leverage partnerships with other businesses in order to increase your visibility. Even if you operate just as an independent store and not part of a larger chain, there are still plenty of great tips for how to market your garden centre in order to increase sales, awareness, and the effectiveness of your advertising dollars.

Continuously study your customer base

No marketing plan remains the same for more than a couple of years. Businesses come and go, customer preferences change, and modern marketing trends are always evolving. As such, you need to continuously study your customer base to understand what they want from you and how you can best meet their needs. One way to do this is to conduct customer surveys. You can do this online, on the phone, or in person. Focus group surveys are particularly effective, as they allow you to group customers together and receive feedback in an unmediated fashion. Customer surveys are a great way to get a better understanding of your customers’ needs and desires, their preferred method of communication (phone, email, etc.), and any special offers they would like to be given.

Build a rolodex of trusted partnerships

Marketing doesn’t have to be a one-sided affair. You can find other businesses in your industry who may be looking for ways to increase their visibility and create a partnership with them. Relationships like these can take many forms. You could partner with a landscaping company to give away coupons for each other’s services, advertise the other’s products in your store, or work with a different garden centre to offer a coupon for a money-saving buy one get one free deal. Whatever you decide to do, partnering with other businesses in your industry is a great way to increase your visibility and get your name out there as an authority in your field. Garden Centre Marketing

Create an exceptional ad campaign

Advertising is a very common way for many businesses to bring in new customers, but many garden centres don’t take full advantage of their ad budgets. One way to do this is to create a unique marketing campaign that plays on your strengths. A florist shop, for example, might create a campaign that plays on their strengths as a group of florists who can create any type of bouquet. A hardware store might create a campaign based on their ability to meet all of your home improvement needs. No matter what type of business you operate, there is always a way for you to create an exceptional ad campaign. You just need to understand your strengths and play on them.

Use social media to create brand awareness

Social media is another powerful tool for growing your brand awareness. You can post new products, photos of your store, and upcoming sales. If you have a particularly unique product, you can also create a dedicated Instagram account just for that item. Instagram is a particularly unique platform on which to build your brand. You have the ability to post videos as well as photos, and you can link directly to your website or purchase page when someone likes the image or chooses to click the link in the description.

Don’t forget about mobile ads

Mobile ads are yet another way for you to bring in new customers. While traditional advertising methods like radio or television may be effective, they are also incredibly expensive. Mobile ads are far cheaper than traditional ads, and they are also incredibly targeted. You can set up an advertising campaign that will only be displayed to certain people based on their location, demographic information, etc. With a targeted advertising campaign, you can make your advertising dollars go further and get more bang for your buck.

Provide exceptional customer service

No matter what you do, if you fail to provide exceptional customer service, you will fail to attract customers and increase sales. One of the most important ways to market your garden centre is to have an exceptional customer service team. Make sure that they are well trained, friendly, and knowledgeable. No matter what customers walk through your door, they should be able to find what they’re looking for and get advice on any garden-related questions they might have. These are five excellent tips for how to market your garden centre and attract more customers. A good marketing campaign will cost you less money than you think, and the benefits can be huge.

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